If you have difficulty accessing content, have difficulty viewing a file on the website, or notice any accessibility problems, please contact us at 833.982.1964 to specify the nature of the accessibility issue and any assistive technology you use. They made me burn all of my cothes so I had nothing. We were denied simple foods and forced to build snares to catch rodents for food. If you want to have whoever it is who posts for you write me and I will gladly continue corresponding with you. I remember being IN LOVE with you (the Alaska comment reminded me!!) I hope that Montana is more caring of these youth than Utah has been. Im doing good. You can do this anonymously if you choose. Blackburn or blackbourne? I saw the special treatment given to girls that had been there too long in order to speed up their graduation. I was hoping theyd let me talk to my mom if I made it serious enough and instead they sent me to the town doctor who said he would need to cauterize my nose because it wouldnt stop bleeding. I however, did not feel good. I also like to think of it as an Orwellian concentration or internment camp for minors, but I suppose the term private prison might be less offensive. Please drop a line after you do! Forgot his name but one dude was sleeping with a female staff member and everyone in the offsite house had their PC3 pushed back 2 months with black cloud cause they didnt rat him out. which is why nobody talks about it. Sick shit man. Lol. -Myles wisdomfamily1998, Myles, youre awesome you have no idea how much that would mean to Gabe. Chaffin I hit you in the face and you well more then deserved every ounce of that hit I got off. My email is [email protected] Id anyone wants to talk and share. AnywayI truly am proud of you man. We got in trouble for looking at girls, Tom. He had his family back there in a really beautiful house with a cricket course in his from yard. No wonder that girl killed herself. Destiny family 99 01, I just wanted to reach out to the guys I was at the Lodge with. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note to tell each of you that my heart goes out to you, and I will be praying for you. Parking, utilities, exterior, etc. This is odd. do remember we were only allowed a toothbrush, but no toothpaste. Sites are picked on a first come first serve basis upon arrival. Or Jeff Manzanares badass staff member?? Trying to get exposed? But at the same time I didnt go out of my way to try to ruin anything for the rest of my family.once they brought us down to do those crazy ceromony things I cant even remember what there called because I left after the first day. I dont see that as an excuse for doing what he did if he did it, but yeah, he was screwed with like all of us. . I struggle to open up all of the memories but they have started flooding back over the last few years! They paid the staff there to abuse me. Reading about Josh Lambert is shocking. Talk about some gay shit lol they said I would amount to nothing!!!!! I admit that there were times (too numerous to count) that I cried on the way home because of the sheer weight of my girls' problems that I carried with me. Spring Creek Campground is located in Lewis and Clark National Forest at an elevation of 5,300 feet. had a crazy brother matt that ran honor for a while. Finally they kicked me out. Property information provided by MRMLS when last listed in 2021. I was there too. But the entire time I played along to get out. Theyd even use former Tranquility Bay students to put on the phone where we were made to talk other parents into agreeing to transfer their kids thereinto a far worse program than they were already in. Our cabins are what we like to call "OUT OF THE ELEMENTS". Especially if they are under age!!! So good to see this page is still active and I, like many others still think about that time in Montana. 3226-3228A Rowena Ave, Durham, NC 27703. Soon (I hope) most you will (or have) grown up and witnessed your self that things arent just handed to you and no one is just going to give you what you want when you want it.. Life is Hell out there but you have to make it a livable one maybe even a happy one. And we gapped them pretty good. FOCUS was my favorite does anyone remember the lifeboat process holy fuck! And second, you really should look up the people you are defending, and weigh positive praises of the wwasps facilities against the evidence against them: I.e deaths, multiple civil and criminal complaints, govt mandated closures etc. One activity was the lifeboat and you had to go tell all your fellow prisoners if they lived or died. You could speak to anyone when you got there unless you were a level 2. I didnt do drugs or break any laws, cut myself, or even have sex. By the sounds of, around the same time. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. www.ranchflip.com is using a security service for protection against online attacks. All rights reserved. I feel awful for all of you having to go through all of this. If my brother ever reads this I hope he gets as far away from the abuse that is the family. The cold was punishing and aided their harsh version of therapy. I was one of the guys that learned real quick what a joke this place was,you had kids in the program trying to be super cops for whatever reason. Updated January 2023: By searching, you agree to the Terms of Use, andPrivacy Policy. Mikes suggestions. thanks for your help. SCL also saved my Sister from the Same Shit it Saved me From. The place was crazy for sure and did my share of time in worksheets and whatever the hell that place was where you had to lay on the concrete all day.. but honestly I didnt think it was life scarring. Maybe the program was fine for you or maybe you were just brainwashed into thinking that the things they did were appropriate and all to just teach you to respect. My name is Gabe and I was in a WWASP program from January 1997 to December 1997. They are trying to rename their program and re-vamp it (yeah, right- lipstick on a pig IMO). haha. I think I remember Megan. Exceptional elk hunting & resident elk herd consisting of hundreds of elk offering hunters both archery & rifle opportunities. Central Montana has a wide variety of outdoor recreation. We were only given lentils to boil for protein. It has taken a long time to search for this site but Im glad I did. Honestly Ive never really been the same anxiety and paranoia surround my life, which all the Xanax in the world wont take away Ive tried. I think the reason Im pretty good with names is only because Cameron (we called him Dough Boy) had me do the censusso Id type up all the kids names on that weekly level report they posted in the hallway of the school buildingthe building across from the Hungry Horse that had the case workers like Laurie Travers & Jades wife Cassies offices in the middleso yeah, I can recall a lot of names. I was transferred to Charity in 2005 from Innocence for a short time! but there aint no 2 ways about it. From Morava to Spring Creek both were awful ! I remember a few weeks in once it REALLY sank in I lost it. I would love to chat with you!!! Most of our trips include rods, flies and we rent waders. what a load of crap that is NOT what went on..That was a program meant for kids that needed tough guidance.. I would like to contact anyone who was in Paradise Cove and Spring Creek Lodge with my son Joshua Lambert 1997=1999 and witness abuse toward him. Let us answer all of your questions and help you choose exceptional lodges in Chile, Argentina, Alaska and the Bahamas. Its been almost 11 years since I left that place so my memories kinda foggy. I personaly never got beaten but fot caught up in all the games played there. I couldnt convince my group of friends to do the same- at that point they couldnt talk to me. Now I have 2 kids a sexy ass wife and am a welder in tbe steelworkers union in pittsburgh pa. Cameron.how much money do you make? Lot of names I cant remember, but can see their faces. They were going to keep me. It was crazy. No shit! I couldnt get my grandparents to believe any of this was happening but there is now proof. Hit me up shelby[email protected], I was also in spring creek lodge back in 97 for 6 weeks. Our lodge offers rooms at the main lodge and separate cabins for a more private and rustic experience. Innocent. We were totally at his mercy , so what were we to do. [email protected], 257 Main Boulder Road, Big Timber, MT 59011. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girls memory had faded but was still there. I suddenly became a level 5 what a joke. I was 18 in may of 02 so I was just going to take my exit. Listing provided by TMLS. I feel so lonely in these memories and trauma and talking to someone who went through it might help. Be happy, you deserve it. I have nightmares of the gravel pit an other bullshyt i had to endure. Was Doug the little guy that was always in the hobbit? I was in montana with josh. Keep posting I want more stories. So I dropped out in the 10th grade. Kids were beat as punishment, chased down when they ran and forced to sleep outside on the ground no matter the weather, homeschooled for the sole reason that the teachers didnt think they deserved to even talk to other kids seeing as even during the classes at the home if any of the boys were caught talking the had to get on the ground and do push-ups until the class was over and if they fell or stopped they were given chores which usually consisted of cleaning the vehicles of the teachers, taking care of the home-owners animals or even making a dinner that they then had to sit out on. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. I got there in 2002 and it was exactly like everyone elses story, 2 flights and a 4 hr drive all the way across the US from where I live, they charged my mom 5 thousand a month fit me being there, I was lucky and was only there 6 months, worst memories of my life! The whole experience shook me. He is worse off now than he EVER was going in. After about a year I got tired of not being able to have salt on my nasty eggs. Here are our recommendations for rods, lines, flies, tippet, waders and more. Come on people embrace the good! I actually liked that because I didnt have to deal with those sessions. Supposedly they ran, stole a car, and stole a boat before being caught by the police and put in juvenile hall. 4 bds; 3 ba; 1,933 sqft - House for sale. survived BOB. Howd youre junky wife doing who left you cuz she was hooked on speed???? That was more new news. It is the southernmost U.S. National Forest of California.It is administered by the U.S. Forest Service, a government agency within the United States Department of Agriculture. I am proud of that and still remember my times there. I will be looking into this further and hope the best for Brandy. Now, im a 30 year old man.31 in 2 months and to this day (13 years later) I plan to go back and visit. What!!! When enough boys had arrived, they split us into 3 groups and told us to come up with family names and we would get our own cabins. I remember working in the kitchen as often as possible because we could cut up and have a good time. Julie: I been in prison now and still this place was the worst place I have ever been. They said it was part of my image or something like that. Ranches and farms are some of the most worthwhile and secure investments you can make. If you showed too much emotion you were thrown in the hole where they fed you every meal in a tortilla. They told me it was a Cat 4 and I needed to be removed to intervention. Not the place to be if you wanted a good nights rest. He would catch flying bugs from the air and eat them for his protein. Not remembering Corwin would be like not remembering big mike from Excel. I got trench foot which screwed me for life. Idk if anybody ever looks at this shit anymore, as 20 years in the past comes and goes. Its dangerous out here, are her parents in the loop and on their way?? All my questions were answered after a few nights of internet research. Me and Mark? Real deep voice. Youre a good man, and always have been. Pretty frustrating to get an email from a Saunders county employee that they do not have our school records. So good to finally find some people who can relate to my experience. After sitting in isolation for about 3 weeks I was finally back to my next way out of here. Shit!!!!! The ones that got their dicks hard when handing out cat 2s for looking at girls. Enjoy the best spring creek fishing in SW Montana! During our P.E. Did you know my son, Zach? If anyone from Serenity during that time would like to reach out you may text or call me 805-423-7174. Yeah I remember when you would break dance. Luckily it had a speaker in there so it would do last calls for every departure. I witnessed many myself. I was there jan2005 to 0ct2006 I was was Serenity. We never deserved that nor the awful mental and emotional repercussions that still longer and influence us today. But if you struggle like I did that part alone is going to make your stay there miserable for days to months to years. I hope Chaffin and Cameron get what they deserve. I was there in 2003. Lmao. Sorry to hear that these places lasted so long. At first they put me in intervention for long periods of time in solitary confinement. Anyway, hope you guys are all doing good, I think of you all from time to time. They did everything in their power to show they had complete control over you. Then there was the eventual building us up near the end of the 3 weeks where they left us alone with a campfire for 3 days. The one that always struck me as ridiculous was how they wouldnt let you look at the girls. Privileges you lost at home because of that lack of respect. HOWEVER I tramsferred to Tranquility Bay in Jamaica but returned to Thompson Falls in May of 04. Got a decent buzz from it though. I remember Jenna, illiona,Jennifer My madanname Wilson. He talked to this girl that was beautiful during some of the session where he was trying to face his sex addiction . I returned with dreads and a weird tan and I smelled like crap and had to shower like 5 times (Thats 15 minutes in total, woohoo). To this day, Im yet to tell my mother,who sent me there because I was not dealing with my dads suicide the way she needed me to (I guess), what that place did to me. He was a wild son of a bitch, but a sweet guy. They meant to make us weak and docile through shock. We were all supposed to stand up and face everyone in the seminar and talk about our trauma and/or be forced and shamed for not being able to. If you dontmake sure you self correct? otto? But not without respect and an open heart to others. This included the confiscation of my black and purple polka dot underwear. Lodge packages include all meals and guided fishing so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a great fly fishing vacation, Enjoy great fishing and keep your costs in check with one of our hotel packages. 7 weeks later after Mike I got sent to fn Cascade school! Learn how your comment data is processed. Whether you had a good experience or not, never discredit the pain of others because you have no idea what those kids had to experience behind closed doors. what happened to johnny and tiara sims, country club of missouri membership fees,